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Q How do the individual NetSafeGuard modules work?

A For an extensive explanation of NetSafeGuard modules, please see the User Guide.

Q What are the system requirement? Is it Vista compatible?

A NetSafeGuard is developed for Windows platforms including 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP. When final version of commercial VISTA available, SciTechI will inform users.

Q Is there a Linux or Mac version. Is NSG compatible with Vista?

A SciTechI is planning Linux version of NetSafeGuard for 2008. Please refer to our news and email announcement. Current NSG is compatible with Vista. Once Microsoft Vista stable version is provided, NSG will also provide VISTA-special version.

Q Does NSG Virus Guard have to be disabled to download and install software?

A NSG works with other executables. NSG works harmoniously with other antivirus software.

Q How is NSG installed behind an existing Firewall.

A For home-users, your firewall will allow NetSafeGuard installation. For enterprise users, NetSafeGuard files can be downloaded directly from the web. If your company-firewall is set not to allow any executable files, please check with your administrator before downloading the software. Where required, please ensure you have authority to install software on your computers prior to download/installation.

Q Can I purchase multiple copies of NSG? Do you provide consulting services?

A Yes. Security is a serious matter and we devote our technician for each case. Please contact for consultation for your enterprise or multi-license purchase.

Q Do I need to update the virus definitions? How do we update NSG against the latest virus?

A You do not have to lift a finger. NSG has automated update facilities (similar to windows updates) that update virus definitions. You can choose the update period in Settings. Please refer to users guide.

Q I would like to know more about your technology. Who do I contact?

A Please contact with your questions.

Q Can I be a reseller for this product?

A We consider reseller submissions on a case by case basis. Please contact with your business proposals.

Q There are many malware that claims to be anti-malware products. How can we be assured that NSG is a safe and product?

A NSG has gone through rigorous verification procedures by relevant authorities and security group certifies our site.

Q Do you have employment opportunities? Are you open to business proposals?

A SciTechI seeks to identify talented individuals and consider viable ventures submissions. Please send brief resume or proposals to