Best Practise Science and Technology Innovation

Science Technology Institute (SciTechI) is an international alliance of University Professors, PhDs, gifted researchers, and commercial interests, dedicated to developing best practice science and technology innovation.

NetSafeGuard is the result of substantial investment in three years R&D, utilising the skills and expertise of renowned specialists in their fields. For further details please see the SciTechI White Papers.

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SciTechI is engaged in several R&D endeavours, among them:
  • Enterprise Network Security Solutions - NetSafeGuard
  • Enterprise Security Consultation
  • Finacial Risk Assessment Analysis
  • Finacial Instrument Trading Platforms and Algorithmic Trading
  • Automated Unmanned Video Surveillance Capture and Recognition
  • Biometrics Identification

Key Science Technology Institute Personnel

Founder Chairman Lee M. Coulson
Director of Research Dr. Tony Jan PhD

NetSafeGuard is developed and owned by Science Technology Institute

Finex Alliance Ltd. is the exclusive global marketing contractor for NetSafeGuard software. Please send enquiries concerning credit card orders, and billing matters to -