Self Evolving Security System

NetSafeGuard is a pioneering next generation network security solution, delivering advanced virus scanning and malware protection, using artificial intelligence to build a proactive self-evolving security system.

NetSafeGuard may be installed and operated without disrupting currently installed anti virus software. Use it as a fully integrated stand alone software suite, or to provide added antivirus scan protection with your existing security software.

Malware attacks are increasingly complex, malicious and frequent, and many popular products attempting to deter viruses, and other intrusions, have serious limitations.

NetSafeGuard components are natively integrated from the point of conception, utilising state of the art computational intelligence techniques which minimise computational load. For an expanded explanation please see NetSafeGuard Technical Details.

NetSafeGuard is Four Fully Integrated Modules
  • Antivirus Guard
  • Network & Firewall Guard
  • Email Guard
  • Web Privacy Guard

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NetSafeGuard is developed and owned by Science Technology Institute.